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Tactics used when fighting government agencies or mega corporations for something they have denied without adequate reason or in an unjust manner.
Urbangeurilla - example - A megolithic insurance company denies long term disability benefits due to a technicality. One contacts the media alerting them to a human interest story in a way that covering such a story will be good for the media. One then contacts the CEO or office of CEO of the insurance company to advise them to watch the next day out their window for a clown and media.

One pickets the large office of the insurance company in a well done clown suit and humorous but to the point picket sign. Do not trespass or cause disruption of business and be willing to talk.

"Urban guerrilla refers to someone who fights a government using unconventional warfare in an urban environment. During the Cold War, many were on the left-wing of the political spectrum. However, nothing in armed struggle makes it inherently left or right-wing." Wikepedia
by Shoshin February 05, 2010
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