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the last person to hold their right shoulder with their left hand has to use at least 1 obscure word from urban dictionary in every sentence, and must also make sense. if they don't, someone around them will punch them in the arm.
Sarah: *puts her hand on her shoulder*
Larry: *sitting with a group of friends, noticing Sarah holding her shoulder. proceeds to hold his shoulder too*
Travis: *puts his hand on his shoulder* Haha! You're Urban Fucked, Tommy!
Tommy: Dammit...I need to go poopsterbate!
by deaddwolfio February 06, 2014
URNBANFUCKED: When editing I find blinong an undined but entered and accept word. blin was used in the example. I gave much time with skills in perfect english language scinece and even latin, greek, and broad studied sciences and travel, to occasion the difintin of blin. I lost 45 minute of work by a software flickshit kick. Justice was taken as a photo, but without blin, go from there. It still makes sence. it is frustrating when you take your editing seriously
TODAY, i was urbanfucked by a defendant in a statury offense case is judiciofucked, not the fault of the Judges but the da and legislatures, congress, and emforcement officers.
by Simon Corbin August 02, 2006
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