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Urbandub is a Filipino experimental rock band from Cebu. They are one of the most critically-acclaimed bands in the country, and is now enjoying immense popularity around the Philippines.

The music of Urbandub is a fusion of various influences, and has evolved throughout their albums. Their debut album "Birth" is raw and heavy, with obvious influences of Deftones and other experimental rock bands. With their follow-up "Influence", they found their own sound with the maturity of Gabby Alipe's songwriting and the creative guitar riffs of John Dinopol. "Embrace", their third album which spawned their most successful hits such as "Alert The Armory", "First of Summer", and "Frailty" was a step forward to the band's already-complicated song arrangement mindset and experimentation, using samplers and synthesizers to further enhance their sound. And now with the release of their fourth album "Under Southern Lights", Urbandub has transcended their music to a whole new plane from patented Urbandub-sounding "An Invitation" and "Guillotine" to the more experimental sounds of "Life Is Easy" and "Inside The Mind of A Killer".
Urbandub is the flagship band of Cebu City, Philippines.
by systemparadoxialtruth March 20, 2009
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