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An prhase coined by an UrbanDictionary user in an attempt to insult and belittle those who follow the First Law of the Internet, which states that "All women should be considered men until proof is given."
It's rather interesting that those people would decry that assumption as 'chavinism,' when there is no oppression or prejudice going on. The internet has very large amounts of men who go out of their way to pretend to be women--it's therefore a logical assumption.

The funny thing is, those who coined this word and initially defined show a clear prejudice against men, and are therefore vile hypocrites. They should be ashamed of themselves.
by Infamous T May 10, 2005
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And still nobody cares.
I am a vampire and
by B-Drac November 28, 2003
The common assumption that most UrbanDictionary authors are male. Well, surprise, gentlemen, that's not true! A lot of the better definitions here come from female authors, to be honest.
Nearly everyone here thinks that RatchetBoo's male, but it's really a female. Yes, I said *FEMALE*! That's right, let it soak in those EverQuest-ravaged brains of yours!
by Shawn B. November 23, 2003

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