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A sex act that involves a socially retarded high school age boy inventing an unfeasable and physically impossible sex act with a ridiculous name and then submitting it to the Urban Dictionary editors. He may perform this alone or with another male, but will more than likely never do it in the presence of a female. Statistics show that performing the "Urban Virgin" can cause blindness, hair growth on the palms and sterility. A recent public opinion poll revealed that 10 out of 10 females would never consider having even normal, missionary position intercourse with males who practise the "Urban Virgin".
Dude, come to my house after 6th period and we can pull some Urban Virgins. My mom just bought Hot Pockets. That reminds me. Know what an arizona hotrock is?
by No Amnesty June 05, 2007
Someone posting a definition for the first time to urban dictionary.
I was an urbanvirgin when I created the word Sirinym.
by Loui2012 February 15, 2012
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