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"Cool" people that dress in brightly coloured "stylish" clothes. Some will even go to the extent of wearing small bags on their backs on a night out.
"check out that Urban Turd"

"What an Urban Turd"

"He must listen to Dubstep"
by Mr.Heinz October 07, 2009
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Taking a moment to stop and take a mean shit
in the city
"You seen that urbanturd taking a mean poo in that manhole by 42nd street? looks like he's expressing how he really feels about NYC"
by xsisblue January 29, 2009
To take a turd in an outdoors yet urban environment ie. housing estate, alleyway, school yard etc
"did you hear, henry took an urban turd on the door"
by jeff member May 29, 2008

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