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A plastic grocery bag blowing down the street during a windy day in the city.
The urban tumbleweed marked the onset of an impending storm, leaving the onlooker to ponder which grocery store it came from.
by Jon Henshaw July 24, 2005
A plastic grocery bag blowing around the street.
When driving into the city, I saw an urban tumbleweed blow across the road.
by Polkadude February 06, 2013
A rolling ball of street garbage. Urban Tumbleweed contains spent 9mm casings, ripped-out hair weaves, empty pizza boxes, used condoms, malt liquor bottles, pepper spray cans and severed fingers.
After she tore out that bitch's weave it got caught up in the Urban Tumbleweed.
by ranchdippingsauce May 14, 2012
Any plastic bag or newspaper tumbling around the city. Windblown litter.
Jerry: What the hell's that noise? Plastic?

Jack: Urban tumbleweeds dude, reminds you where you are.
by RedBaroness January 01, 2011
noun: dry plastic grocery bag blowing in the wind. Usually found on a city street or near a water source such as a river.
What is that blowing across the street? Oh, it's urban tumble weed.
by Lucyworld1 July 16, 2011
A weave that once attempted to pass for human hair now tumbles down the dusty trails of urban environments.
"Watch out, it's pretty windy and you might get hit by an urban tumbleweed."
by dubs3450 February 10, 2012
filmy, plastic shopping bags flipping around, everywhere and anywhere.

what happened to the missing sock? ask the urban tumbleweeds! they've HAVE to have seen something! -they're everywhere, including hundreds of miles out at sea, masquerading as jellyfish for the lucky, hungry marine life!
john HAD to control the urban tumbleweeds! he couldn't have one 'wafting' over the baby's head!!

they found her stone dead, de-oxygenated under a mass of urban tumbleweeds!
by michael foolsley November 28, 2009
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