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1. a sense of deep regret and guilt for a misguided entry to Urban Dictionary that was posted when angry, drunk, misinformed, or otherwise mentally deranged. Charging oneself with a fault or mistake in an Urban entry but with no facility to edit, withdraw or hide the results of your rant.

2. compunction; pity; compassion for the Urban-ed victim, and the hope that the postee will never see the entry.

Followed by the formulation of an excuse or an attempt at deniability.

Urban remorseful adj
Urban remorsefully adv
Urban remorsefulness n
I didn't post it, someone else did, nobody can prove a thing, look over there - A cat! It was Sam ! Sam's surely suffering from Urban Remorse, he's wearing a floppy hat.
by KeithMyArthe September 23, 2012

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