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Person born in a rural area who later moves into an urban setting and becomes paranoid from the stress of population, pace and everyday competition. These people tend to become confused at times and believe everyone is out to get them. Sometimes, they lock themselves away for hours, afraid to grasp the realities of human interaction. Consequently, in order to survive, new guides for a self-perceived Utopian society, based on their lack of acceptance by peers, is conceptualized by them for the world to follow.
The Nebraska farm boy grew up with the chickens and cows. They spoke to him. He answered back. When he left for the big city, farm animals were nowhere to be found and it was difficult making new friends. They didn't need feeding. They didn't come home when he called. They didn't hear him. Time to take the bull by the horns, he thought. City folks are different. Considered to be reclusive, he became the classic urban psychotic.
by Nicholas Davis August 13, 2007
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