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(n) an highly subjective Urban Dictionary entry that rambles on and on for several pages like a State of the Union address instead of being a concise definition appropriate for this website
For a great example of Urban Encyclopedia, refer to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
by fduck January 12, 2004
a definition that is way too long and most likely has been copied straight from wikipedia or some other encyclopedia website. It'd probably be best to just not read it, give it a 'thumbs down' rating, and continue on browsing the site.
good example of an urban encyclopedia entry: Aryan.
#urban #encyclopedia #dictionary #urbandictionary #thesaurus #wikipedia
by BlackPowder December 12, 2007
A Wikia site that follows the same principle as the Urban Encyclopedia, and is essentially just using a different platform (which is the same platform as Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica)

I think the "urbanencyclopedia" can just be found in Wikia.
Did you put that whole theory about sexting on Urban Dictionary?

Oh no. The Dictionary is too concise for that. I think I'll put it on Urban Encyclopedia though...
#urban #dictionary #uncyclopedia #encyclopedia dramatica #facebook #wikipedia #twitter #myspace #google #youtube #flikr
by Urbanencyclopedia June 26, 2010
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