One of the many individuals who, (for reasons yet undetermined and unjustified), submit definitions to Urban Dictionary which are significantly similar to the definitions that can be found in any of the billions of Webster's "Blasphemous Books" ALREADY published in this world.

This term may also refer to those individuals who submit definitions portraying intense emotions or idealisms; often displaying resentment and a sense of having been offended.

In both cases, these individuals mistake the whole idea of Urban Dictionary, which is to enlighten those who are naieve in a light-hearted, usually humorous and witty way, of those words, concepts and phrases which have spawned, sprouted, and developed as a result of the wisdom of the many honorable citizens of this world who possess a sense of creative savvy.

At any rate, these individuals both degrade and defile this wondrous mark on history known as Urban Dictionary.
If I wanted to know the prosaic, arid meaning for the word, I would have consulted Webster. Thanx for wasting my life, Urban Dictionerd.
by ClothyMonster April 24, 2011
Top Definition
One who can always be found reading, submitting, and editing words on urban dictionary because they have no life and/or are a complete nerd
Tyson is such an urban dictionerd. He spent 4 hours on urban dictionary last night. I'm starting to worry about him.

by ecrouch12 April 22, 2009
A person who spends all his time trying to come up with words to post on Urban Dictionary.
"Hi so-and-so, why don't you stand up and say a few words about yourself. Remember, you're among friends."

"Hello, my name is so-and-so, and I'm an Urbandictionerd."

Group: "Hi so-and-so."
by chizhogg April 14, 2010
n. A person who makes up words for the sole purpose of having them published on .
"Oh great. Dan is coming over here to tell us about his new submissions. What an Urban Dictionerd."
by Aleah July 06, 2005
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