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A retarded term for a seesaw/teeter-totter.
The word can be used to refer to such a spaz or retard who always hogs the seesaw even if there is nobody on the other side. When a play-ground is over-run or especially renowned for the presence of retarded children it is said to be full of upty-downys. The word is derived from the simpleton way of explaining the motion of a seesaw.
Ad: You wanna go to the play-ground?
Jim: Nah, you kidding? That place is full of upty-downys.


Ad: What would you like to do at the play-ground?
Olz (retarded): I want to sit on the upty-downy. <while dribbling> I love the upty-downy. Duhhhh.
by Hirshy December 22, 2010
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