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A car that is so shitty that only those with extremely poor credit, limited cash or lacking in basic English skills would attempt to buy this car. Sold by the man himself, who is a tall, heavyset Italian from South Jersey, who enjoys affecting a “Tony Soprano” like accent, and saying, “fuhgehddabout it!” This dealer has been known to start cars that have poor starting systems up to thirty minutes prior to the arrival time of the prospective buyer, in an attempt to make them think the car is in excellent condition, and therefore hiding the true problem that lurks within, which is that this car, like so many others before it, is a big piece of crap.
Marty was fucked, as he had recently purchased an Uptown Motors car.

Jamie attempted to start the car one morning, only to have rusty radiator water pour out from underneath. It was then that she realized the true meaning of an Uptown Motors car.
by fraud fighter April 24, 2011
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