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The act of fondling a Mans or Woman’s crotch with your fingers.

A Sexual maneuver that uses the hands to play with a persons genitals.

Pretending to play the Piano Upside Down in the Crotch area of another person.
(Duke)"Last night when i came home Torri gave me The Upside Down Piano"
(Dorian)" Wow what song did she play?"
by MC30 February 22, 2008
Turn your hand over opposite of playing a piano and move your fingers below someone's balls.
I think that chick wants to go home with me she just gave me a upsidedown piano.
by kstan34 May 26, 2010
When fingering a girl, and using a variety of fingers to satisfy her.
I play expert on upsidedown piano

I just played Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21 on that bitches pussy
by Bikemaster October 24, 2012
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