A punch to the vagina, ocasionaly entering the vaginal orrifice.
She was being a bitch so i gave her an uppercunt.
by joe prendergast October 07, 2006
performing the uppercut fist onto and/or into a vaginal orifice; derived from famous comedian Dane Cook's "uppercut your taint"
_If you don't stop, I will uppercunt you.
_If you do not halt, I will have no choice but to punch your vagina.
by kennitang July 19, 2006
When a nasty girl wants you too eat her out, so you uppercut her right in the Twat, therefore making said girl yell in pain and never want to have her salad tossed again.
Corey: "Man I gave that hoe an uppercunt the other night."
Mike: "Sweet man, how'd it go?"
Corey: "Well, I don't think she wants me to eat her out again, it smelled like beef tacos."
Mike: "Damn dude you would fuck a girl with too much salsa on her taco."
Corey: "Just another notch in my bedpost my friend. Lets get on Live and tell Ricky."
Mike: "Fuck yeah."
by Corey Hall June 25, 2007
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