A swift, unexpected, yet well-deserved punch to the vagina, whether literal or metaphorical. Usually, but not always to a stranger.
When the judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail, Lindsay looked like she had caught a decisive uppercunt. And she wept appropriately.

No matter how many uppercunts Amy Winehouse receives she always gets back up like nothing happened. She's the Mohammed Ali of the Golden Glove. Am I wrong?
by Foulio July 07, 2010
An upper cut to the vagina
Shut your face or i'm gonna hit you with an uppercunt.
by Squeener69 May 01, 2010
Fisting at a higher than recommended velocity. 3 second charge time required.
"I ended it with Jason because he uppercunted me on Saturday."
by The Gun Penguin January 24, 2015
The process by which a man uppercuts a woman's vagina.
How was your date with crystal?" "Good i gave her a huge Uppercunt
by TheUpperCunter December 05, 2010
To uppercut a women in the cunt.
"Dude she stood up and queefed cum on me so i uppercunted a bitch."
by Tdawg Zweiner May 19, 2010
When you drop to one knee and punch a woman in the vagina with an uppercut
Adam your an asshole (slap)

Bitch please ( uppercunt )
by sychaen February 11, 2014
To shove your fist into the female vagina in a similar motion a boxer would use to 'uppercut' his opponent.
Damn, that annoying bitch needs uppercunted.
by GrafikArt December 05, 2010
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