The promised land that God had promised the Jews from Egypt. They came here and settled and reproduced a lot and decided to be bad kids. Therefore, 50% Jew, 30% white, 15% asian, and 15% black. The jews are rich as hell and get drugs and alcohol to get drunk or high everyday or on the weekends with their parents money. They think it's so dam cool to waste their life and money on drugs and shit. Half of the kids here ultimately fail at life meaning school and think its cool and goes to Montgo. University where they will get a job at McDonalds. Upper dublin aka upper drugland is abundant with happy drunk ass jews with weed, alcohol, and sex with any drunk bitch because all the girls here are either dumb as shit and slutty or ugly and smart as balls and have no personality. And the ok ones are shy as shit. Upper Drugland is also a wigger district. All these white boys and jews think they are black as shit by listening to black rap and hanging their pants down while they got no style. They think they are so G by wearing jordans and buying drugs or cars with their clean parents money. Then they live it up by going to Nick's pizza to eat some pizza. Mean while their dumb ass parents just dont care or are too busy with their rich ass lives. wtf? Kiss my ass you fucking wiggers start acting white you dumb crackers. Also the whites just troll the jews. And since the jews have known each other from pre school and are the majority in school, they get to choose who is cool. continued..
If you need drugs and dont want to go to Philly, come to upper dublin!
by India4Shomybro February 24, 2010
rich ass jew community outside philly, pa where japs and pot heads live and herb and sex are plenty!
Damn, Darnell copped some head up in Upper Dublin last week!
by pyan August 03, 2003
Alicia McGlade did not write that chunks did so if you have any probles someone was black mailing her so if you have any problems then take it up with chunks
Alicia McGlade did not write that about Upper Dublin
by Chunks March 18, 2005
A place where the computer class is triping where the fat teachers eat and cant walk up stairs. A place where drugs are delt a lot. And the Basketball program is trippin.
The Basketball team drank and they started to lose games
by Alicia McGlade March 11, 2005
upper dublin commonly referred to upper drugland due to the high drug use, consists of 40%jews, 40%koreans, 19% black kids, 1% christian white kids, athletics not that good, name any drug that still exsists today...iight got the name? yeah well u can find that drug in about 10 minutes upon entering UD, anything from weed to crack, perks to zannies, anythign at all...thats pretty much upper dublin is all about drugs well theres not much to say about UD other then drugs so yeah thats about it
UPPER DRUGLAND highest concentration of drugs in eastern PA
A place where all the girls are either fucken losers or hot as shit but lack personality and are all the every way possible, from cloths to personality. The guys are mostly jewish and are either real quiet and loud and some even think they are African American decent. Drugs are in Upper Dublin but not alot of coke or heron or that gay shit. Basically Chronic is the drug everyone perfers. Who can blame them. There are some asians but in school I hear it's like they got of a fucken boat right there. The black kids are loud and rude, no more is needed to be said on that subject. So basically if you like weed, stupid ass bitches, Jews who some think they are African American decent, UD is the place for you!
Wiggers who smoke weed and get with stupid bitches......
Places where Asians and Jews can make love with each other while sleeping in there rich money silk beds.
Asian: Lets make luv u fuckin jew
jew: ok but lets bomb asia first
Asian: ok
jew: wait its already been done
Asian: hahah wait im Asian
jew: fuck it lets make luv
by R@nd(+)m January 21, 2005
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