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The act of taking a shit in the top part of the toilet while a girl is giving you head at the same time.
Last night my girlfriend was so drunk and she was pissing me off and she surprisingly let me pull off an Upper Blumpkin
#blumpkin #upper decker #decker #upper #blow job
by dupajuda October 15, 2009
Sitting on a toilet AC Slater style while defecating, and performing fellatio on an individual in the act of upper decking the same toilet.
It sounded like a good idea last night, but we spent all morning cleaning the tank after trying out the upper blumpkin.
#blumpkin #upperdecker #oral #scatological #ac slater
by szkud September 28, 2013
while giving an upper decker to a toilet you are getting a blumpkin
i went into my buddy's bathroom with my girlfriend and she gave me an upper blumpkin, it was awesome
#shit #upper decker #bj #blumpkin #blow job
by its me A.G. June 18, 2010
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