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an up-date whore is some one who is non-stop Facebook or tweet updating from a computer or phone

some update whores are a long range from tennagers with gf's / bf's kids who just got a facebook and dosent know what an update whore is or an lonely person who dosent have a life and all there updates are farm-ville
update whore: Im getting in the show (1 min ago)
ten minutes later
Update whore: just got out of the shower ( 1 min ago)

update whore: Watching tv
update whore: just finished my show
by J_marie_m April 25, 2011
A person who would sleep with a fat ass to get an update on a story they are reading. Most commonly found update whoring about shitty pieces of shit writing that some 12 year old queer wrote filled with yaoi and lemon.
Jessica is such an update whore, she slept with me for an update.
by j'mall December 02, 2007
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