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The Unschooler’s Emporium established its business in early 2010, to offer the Unschooling Community a myriad of books, tools and natural remedies that have already shown themselves to be a success by the families that have used them. Although a young business, because of its focused and dedicated product line, and its approach to unschooling, it has, in its infancy, garnered much attention and praise from Unschooling Advocates Dayna Martin, Sandra Dodd and many more.

The purpose of the expansion for The Unschooler’s Emporium is part of a continuing effort to satisfy the needs of this ever-growing community. Whether a family is new to unschooling or has been enjoying its advantages for many years, they want one central location where they can purchase all of the products that will help support Unschooler’s and help each person on their unschooling journey to grow.
Are unschooler's at The Unschooler's Emporium successful?

Why yes they are, check them out at
by bluemom28 June 25, 2010

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