1. The best country on planet Earth...Period.

If you disagree, there are only 2 explanations:
1. You are mentally handicapped. (retarted, for those of you who are just above this level.)
2. You live or used to live in a country that you know is not nearly as great as the U.S.A., and are therefore envious.

And if you live in America and have a problem with the country, here is a quote for you:
"If you are mad at this country, and pissed at what we do, then i say drag your skank ass somewhere else and see how you do. I know you will be back, because you'll find it to be true, that there ain't no better place than the Red, White, and Blue.
If little Chan-Tong Lee from China was asked by his teacher to point out on a globe the one place in the world that he thinks is the greatest, there would be no doubt that he would get a boner while directing his finger towards The United States of America.

It's a no brainer for anyone who knows anything...WE ARE THE BEST!
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by jtU.S.A.#1 July 18, 2009
The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. We have worked tirelessly for many years to help hundreds of other countries and when one idiot gets into an office of power everybody immediately turns on us.
Americans: Man I love the United States of America. They are a true symbol of freedom.
World: Shut up you american pig-dogs you helped us for many years but now we spit on you because we are so ignorant.
#u.s.a. #america #u.s. #united states #united states of america
by Thomas S October 15, 2007
"Damned if we do, damned if we don't."
The United States of America is always the Evil Empire, never the liberator.
#america #usa #politics #hegemony #empire
by popularnerd December 12, 2006
The richest, most forunate, most generous and overall best country in the world.
It's probably the closest large country that is considerably Christian.
So God bless America, that's probably why America's so powerful, from all of God's blessings; but one has to see that America doesn't deserve to be blessed by God by the way it's people are.... perhaps that's why it's been getting a little bit weaker...
-where do you live?
-in the United States of America, the best country in the world, how about you?
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by sinfulwretch November 07, 2005
The best frickin' country in the world! and the only one that matters. So all you countries out there that complain about us, Shut your mouth cuz' we pay for your shit and we deal with all your BS.

Basically, everyone is playa hatin' because their jealous of the United States of America and most of all because, We run this shit!
Person: What's that piece of crap up North

Genius: Oh yeah it's Canada, the place that always bitches about the US even though we do all their shit!

The United States of America rules!
#usa #best country #shut up canada #we run this #united states of america #america
by TBurr May 15, 2007
The best damned country in the world. if you disagree then your either badly educated or just dumb. If you lived in some other country and said something bad about it you probably would be shot. At least here you can say what you want. Here you can dress however you want and worship any religion you want.Here you can laugh at what you want to laugh at and say what you want to say. This is THE country where you can make something of yourself and be free. Sure i admit the country has some problems and has made mistakes in the past but which country hasnt? If your an American than you should be proud of where you live if, you dont, use your freedom to leave and GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!! Terrorists misunder stand America and judge it by the actions of some people. hey who Brought food to somolia, who saved countless lives when the tidal wave hit resently, who beat the taliban out of Afghanistan, who beat the shit out of the Nazis over in Germany, who freed the slaves in the south and who is leading the fight against AIDS and other deseases, hard working AMERICANS dedicated to saving lives thats who! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL ITS ALLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terrorists fight us because they think where polluting the world with corruption and from there piont of view it looks true but in the long run america is saving the world from alot of harship and they should respect all that America has done for them like supply them to beat out the soviets in Afghanistan. The best way to combat this is education and they should learn more about us before they try to kill us, if they dont believe me and want a fight then they sure as hell are going to get one and we wont lose.
by Paul April 25, 2005
The greatest country in the world. Led by the worst president ever. Land of the free, home of the brave.
And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free... United States of America.
by Lil Dyl Boii March 25, 2016
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