(1) A nation that has received so much crap from other people around the world for being imperfect.

(2) A nation that has adopted indigent children from countries all around the world called immigrants who sought a haven from their home countries for various reasons including economic opportunity that the home country could not convey.

(3) A nation that is so quickly (and wrongly) criticized due to a very small minority of so-called "patriots" consisting of imbeciles arrogant enough to believe they speak for 300,000,000 people and ignorant enough to spread the stereotypes of Americans.
European: "Man, the United States of America sucks!"
Canadian: "I know right?"

American: "Ignorant prick..."
by flipoccino June 21, 2010
A place you're proud to call home. You will accept no other substitute for freedom, and you will not accept crappy definitions for the land of the free and the brave.

Most of all, GO AMERICA.
Because I live in the United States of America, I can choose what to do with my money! GO CAPITALISM!
by Loveable George W. Bush September 21, 2010
Thumbs down, Thumbs up, or whatever you want, but at leat hear me out first.----------

The country located between Mexico (to the south) and Canada (to the north).

Most people hate the USA for being imperfect, but they fail to see the TRUE America

1) Not everyone here is an obnoxious prick. There are some acctually informed and nice people here, as well as assholes, just like in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY.

2) Of course we are proud to be American, but that doesn't mean we are arrogant. If you are not proud of your country, then why do you live there?

3)Not every American is diebetic and fat, so shut the fuck up.

4)Yea, we know that some countries dislike us, we also know that we have allies as well. And we DO know that there are other countries that exist beyond the USA. Were not as retarded as you think.

5)We know our government is not perfect

6) Unfortunately, most people judge us before they even know us

Now before you get upset, im not saying there os no country that understands the USA
The United States of America is home to the largest Naval Base in the world, in Norfolk, Virginia. And also the oldest constitutuion that is still in effet today.

Most Non-Americans: Say, are you American?

Non-Ignorant American: Yes.

Most Non-Americans: I can smell the arrogance and hamburgers on you from here! Get away from me----

American: I honestly have no response to that :|

***I am proud to be american, as you are proud to be whatever nationality you come from.
by Ecnegludni Fles Sseldinm :D April 07, 2011
A place that is heaven when you're immigrating and hell when you actually get there
"Yes, I just got my Green Card! I'm going to United States of America, baby!"

(Three months later)

"Hi, buddy this is (some Mexican name). So how's life in United States of America?"

Grimaces and says darkly"Don't ask, fellow, don't ask..."
by wearethebhai2 August 23, 2009
the best country in the world. everything in the world is based off of what the united states does. i dont care if you think this country is shit. without us, the world would have nothing and for the people that live in here and hate it, get the hell out. we dont want you if youre gonna bitch about how much you hate this country while youre liveing in it.
guy1: the united states of america sucks

guy2: get the hell out. stop complaining.
by ...,,,... ...,,,... April 04, 2010
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