A very large country in North America who consider themselves best in the world. But they are not. All presidents come from rich family because to be president, you need to be rich. If someone criticizes this country, they become angry and say things like "you're just jealous," why the hell would we be jealous of a place where you can't go faster than 55 without being pulled over and everyone solves disputes by waving guns around. They say that they saved the UK's arse (yes "arse" not "ass" ass is a donkey) from invasion in WW2 even though we'd saved our own two years before the US joined when the RAF won the Battle of Britain. They refuse to use the metric system or spell colour properly, full stop (no, not period, that's the blood that comes out a woman every month or so). The US asked us to go to Iraq with them and we did but they thanked us by repeated "friendly" fire. Now they want to pull out and leave us dealing with the mess they created. America think they can push every other country around and most prime ministers obviously agree. If i were prime minister, i'd tell the rich, stupid president a thing or two. For a start, they would have to get their planes the hell out of the UK and our overseas territories!
In conclusion, wouldn't it be great if the government of America collapsed and they could stop being such a hindrance to peace and happiness.
"Hey, lets go to the united states of america for our holiday"
"god no, do you want to get shot?"
by Hujanika Bolokofpt September 03, 2007
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The World's Scapegoat.

America's a pretty big place, and its full of all different kinds of people everywhere you go.

We're just a bunch of normal people living in a counrty with a messed up reputation and a mighty big spotlight for a mighty small man.
People will be people, wherever they live.
by wysiwyg August 13, 2004
A piece of land below Canada and above Mexico. Leave all the political bullshite out of it and that is just what it is, a piece o' land.
Jane: uh, what's that place above Mexico called again???
Carl: the united states of america
by ze_kimster January 15, 2005
The second largest nation on the North American continent, situated between Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.

The only political and military superpower left on earth, it is held in contempt and jealousy by others, albeit sometimes not without merit.

Home to the oldest written constitution still in effect, it has benefited from almost 230 years of political stability. Because of this, and it's many natural resources, it has been blessed to have the largest economy in the world.

Sometimes confused with their government, the citizenry is generous and truly believes in the "American Dream", i.e., that if you work hard enough, and long enough, you can succeed in your endeavors.

It is a country of immigrants, not ethnicity; anyone can become an American, but not all can be a Japanese, or a German, or a Russian, etc.

It's government, such as all governments, has in the past, (and some argue now) let it's people down by not living up to it's expectations. In America however, that government can be removed not by bullets, but by ballots.
I live in the United States of America.
by Evildoer September 26, 2005
a thing nerds attack on urban dictionary. gimme a thumbs down, but you know it!!!
Felipe- I typed united states of america on urbadictionary and there's mad trolling.

Reggie- just nerds under the age of 16 who have nothing better to do.
by gabedog January 11, 2010
Canada's best friend. Who can kick some serious ass. Who has delicious foods, sexy women and is stereotyped. Like really, c'mon guys every country has their asses, not all Americans are stupid, dumb or mean. There is some pretty decent people in that country. And thats coming from a Canadian!
Tim: United States of America sucks.
Hortons: Tim your a dumb-ass, USA rocks!
by CANADIAN PRIDE April 03, 2010
Let me describe the USA (the country I live in) from an unbiased viewpoint. Yes, many of us are ignorant, stupid, lazy, and racist. Yes, our government and job market is shit. Much of the accusations are true. However, as an American, I don't appreciate predominantly European people generalizing everybody in my country. I am ashamed at many of the things my countrymen have done throughout history, but it is also a country of equality, where anybody can make something of themself if they work hard enough. Home to some of the greatest musicians, inventors, and scientists of all time. And not to be an ignorant American, but we did help greatly in World War Two. Trying to "hog some glory"? More like winning essential battles, including Normandy (perhaps the most important battle of WWII) with the help of the British and Canadians, of course. Even though Europe was in an enormous state of turmoil, and we helped the Allies greatly, they cannot show gratitude, they can only judge us even more. And let me be perhaps the first in a long while to say: France, thank you for your tremendous help during the Revolution, we wouldn't have won it without you. I write this with the utmost respect for European countries, please respect us a little more, and don't just recognize the bad things about the USA, but the good things as well, as I do.
Englishman: The United States of America is full of ignorant, fat assholes!

Americans: Our country is the best and the Europeans are pessimistic retards!

See? Every country is full of ignorant, moronic people! Find the good in each country and their people, and acknowledge the bad, but don't generalize and discriminate.
by Beatlesman September 29, 2011
FTR Canada is actually the best friend of the United States of America as opposed to that "great piece of crap" up north. And also for the most part Canadians and Americans do like each other so this "bitching" you so talk about doesn't really apply except to minority groups.
Person 1: What's that great piece of crap up north?

Person 2: That's no piece of crap at all loser, that's Canada the best friend of the United States of America.

Person 1: OK
by Paul Ward June 03, 2007
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