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The name "United States" is used when speaking positively about the country. "America" is used when speaking negatively about the country. Just my observations.

For negative definitions on this country, see America.
Compare these two sentences:

"The United States is a country that tries to do good in this world."

"America is the most messed up and oil-hungry nation on the planet."
by no7orious February 09, 2006
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1: Largest economy in the world.
2: Has a retarded President.
3: Home to some of the wealthiest people in the world.
4: New York City actually sucks ass.
5: Has 270 million people.
6: REAL diverse.
7: Has every climate type in the world besides some other cold polar shit that no one cares about.
8: About 50% of the people in the U.S. are overweight or obese.
9: I'm not.
10: The other 50% are hot dirty bastards.
11: Capital is Washington D.C.
12: California is in the US!
13: So are some other 49 states..
14: Uses Democracy
15: South Park, Colorado
16: And a whole lot of other shit.

I live in America and I'm not a redneck, fat, racist, uneducated, and certainly not a Republican.

I also smoke marijuana.
The United States was founded in 1776.
by foam December 23, 2004
279 400
To someone living in Canada, North Mexico.
Oh look honey, some skinny-bacon loving North Mexicans from Indiana.
by spot August 23, 2004
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A country in the western hemisphere. The United States gets hackled by many other countries citizens everyday even though they know nothing about the people there.

*Remember*Not every American is a fucking asshole, just the ones that type shit into and Almost everyone in the U.S.A is friendly and not a prick.

People of the U.S.A dont think that they are the best in the world. But i would have to say our human rights are.
Im proud to be a citizen of the United States

I love other countries e.g. U.K

ps. president bush was an asshole
by ILoveBeingAYank April 04, 2009
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The United States is a country home to 150 million of the friendliest, most caring, decent people in the world. However, There are also a similar amount of racist, fundamental christian retards who seem to make unilateral decisions for the rest of the world.

The United States government currently appears to be the most corrupt entity on the planet earth, sending thier brave and heroic soldiers to fight wars with the sole purpose of furthering individual ends. Your fanatical presidnet Mr G.W Bush, lacks the ability to engage in a initellignet conversation, nevermind oversee the actions of the worlds most powerful military arsenal.

Their are severe ethnic divisions in the United States, despite the claim that the U.S. is the leader of the "free" world. Plus, anybody now wishing to travel to the U.S. will have all their personal details checked and stored at the whim of the CIA. This reflects the United States over-inflated self image, the U.S is not the centre of the universe.

This fact is reflected in history quite clearly. The United States government will engage in war in Iraq & Afghanistan, but will let the people of Darfur & Burma suffer extreme human rights abuses (not enough oil there you see). How many Americans know that during world war 2, there was only 1 country at war with Nazi Germany from the begining of the war? While Britain was bombed daily by the Germans, the American government refused to get invloved militarily. It was only when American intrests were attacked (Pearl Harbour) that the U.S government acted. Brtian was the only country to fight from day 1 - but you wont see that reflected anywhere in Hollywood. It seems that the U.S. government selfishly picks its battles...

Anyway, the point is that the average decent American citizen gets treated like crap no matter where they go in the world. After visiting Mexico for example, the locals assumed that I must be American, and treated me with caution. Once they discovered I was British, it was a different story.

America has great people, a fantastic environment, patriotism that I admire, many opportunities, but ultimatly a government that stinks. Also whatever your government does, the British government does blindly. So next time your voting in our Prime minister, pick one with a backbane please!!
The United States government is corrupted.
by Rob1986 October 19, 2006
191 342
A country located below Canada. We have freedom. Kiss our multi-cultured asses.
A lot of countries must be very jealous of the United States, because if you look at any other countries definition, they almost always mention the US in it.

by pseudonym is my pseudonym August 15, 2008
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Best place in the world. Largest Army, best economy, 3rd most land mass, most diverse. We have Mountans, rivers, streams, city, towns, beaches, mexican people, canadien people, german people, Irish people, australien people, british people, etc. We've invented electricity, light bulbs, airplanes, automobiles, south park, the simpsons, family guy, the list goes on

And for the record, we may have had slaves, but Britian had zoos with africans in it.
The United States kick every other countrys ass
by Spikesy July 09, 2006
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