Great country that is constantly bitched about by stupid europeans, despite the fact that we saved their sorry asses during WWII. Were it not for the USA, europe would be controlled by Nazis, asia by the USSR and oter communist regimes. Fuck all you stupid U.S haters. We shed blood for your sorry ass and this is how you thank us.
The United States of America continues to help other countries, despite all the bullshit we get from them
by usarules August 14, 2007
Undeniably the best country on the planet. Americans enjoy many rights that most other countries don't have. It sickens me to hear the conspiracy theorists and "non-conformists" complain about the corruption and problems with the United States. If it's so bad, then just leave and stop complaining. I mean those people would obviously rather be as far away from the United States as possible instead of living here. Apparently the worst country in the world allows you to bitch and moan as much as you want, keeps you from going hungry, and keeps you safe from people who threaten our freedom. Try finding that in the Middle East and tell me how it goes.

This isn't meant to bash other countries but the citizens of the U.S. that take the freedoms presented to them for granted every day of their lives.
Non-conformist: This country is filled with corruption and hate in the government, and it's holding me down. We live in a horrible country.

Me: Then why don't you leave the United States of America?

Non-conformist: "..."

by Petey B. August 13, 2007
A nation consisting of 98% intellegent, decent, hard working individuals who are easy to work with or talk to and make pleasant company. Unfortunately, 2% are ethnocentric, racist, and very loud, thereby giving a huge black eye to the balance of the polulation. The second largest country by land mass in the western hemisphere. Currently being repeatedly humilated by the lies and corrupt practices of thier leadership.
I like the United States of America, but I wouldn't want to live there.
by KillAllHumans July 13, 2004
The dark knight of the world.
Despite the fact that the United States of America has aided numerous countries, remained consistently stable in its political and social order, established peace and order throughout much of the world, and promoted the most sensible and fair form of government, it is constantly criticized as a bully superpower by countries jealous of its economic and military might.
by Tim_thethinker November 20, 2008
-Something worth dying for.

-Home of true "Freedom" "Liberty" and "Justice". Truly

-A great land who currently is in danger of corruption beyond imagination. Yet through valour, and strife may we restore her balance, and renew her glory.

-A place I proudly call home.
Let us come together and bring back what was once the GREAT United States of America!
by Patriotic@america December 22, 2005
A pretty cool country with a not-so-cool President. A ton of the population is Christian, lots of guys are obsessed with sports, hunting, and/or racing, lots of fat rednecks, etc. Maybe 85% of the population is made up of intelligent people, while the other 15% includes people like our President. Many other countries bash the U.S., thinking that we're all stupid. Not so. We're pretty dang rich and powerful, but we should donate to, like, the needy. And the environment.
President: Let's go to Iraq because a group of terrorists who blew up some towers say they're from Iraq.

Japanese/British/French/etc. person: The United States of
America sucks! If you're from the U.S. you're an idiot! Your IQ is, like, 10!

Foreign Internet Nerd Hacker Person: i will hack the united states of america!... here we go... aw crap firewalls.
by drowningfish March 01, 2008
Greatest country on earth and land of opportunity with citizens who are not ignorant and just recognize how great their country is.
"...Land of the free;home of the brave"
by Shayzee November 09, 2004

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