A Galactic power in the fictional Star Trek Universe. The Federation is located in the Alpha Quadrantof the Milky Way Galaxy. It is comprised of 150 Member Worlds spread across 8,000 Light Years and probably the only true large scale democracy in the quadrant. It was formed on August 19, 2161. The capital planet is Earth. The Federation is governed by the Federation Council consisting of representatives from each of the member worlds. The federation also has a president which looks after the administrative role.
The United Federation of PLanets is very strong.
by VEDA January 07, 2004
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Top Definition
The Organization to which the Borg think it is only ever neccessary to send one Cube at a time to assimilate, even if it fails every time.
ST first contact (at Earth, attacking the United Federation of Planets); "One cube has entered visual range. Speed warp 9 point..."
ST voy (In Delta Quadrant); They swarmed our system - Hundreds of Cubes.
by Hyperbeing November 11, 2005

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