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(1) The HxC way of saying Unicorn.

(2) Unicorn intercourse.

Shannon: Let's ride on our Uniporn into the sunset, bbeh.

Kurukuru: kdrivebish.


Unicorn #1: Charrrlieeee, candy mountain!

Charlie: Let's have sex.
by RainyxTallguyfromcotillion<3 March 01, 2009
When unicorns... um... do it. And by do it, I mean fuck.
That nasty furry probably thinks about uniporn all day...
by casper July 09, 2004
When a guy or a girl puts a strap on dildo on their forehead and fucks somebody with it.

Used as verb and noun.
A: "I had the best night ever"
B: "Wow, what happened?"
A: "I got uniporned!"
by christopferd January 26, 2010
Porn involving unicorns
I love watching uniporn
by create1ders September 19, 2011