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A long st. that goes through ritch ass park slope all the way down to the shittyer south slope. Right after you pass 5th avenue your going o start seeing alot of hispanics and blacks. Union and 4th av. is notorious for the many chop shops on the block. Most yuppy park slope kids avoid walking down 4th and 3rd avenue. It's also notorious for car theft.
Hey theres a nice cleaned Nissan down at Union St. and third i might cop it.

My mom avoids parking on Union st. and 4th avenue now because her car's been stolen so much.
by Dean N 3rd January 01, 2011
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The very long road in Plymouth where 90% of the main clubs are located.
Home to JFKs. Visited by Matlows, Crabs and Pongos (male) and janner, Shaz and Tracy.
"I'll see ya down Union St tonight?"
"Na, I'm working down Millbay."
by Eva January 07, 2004
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