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Pussy you only read about in stories (also see Big foot pussy
Guy 1: "Hey bro, i hooked up with Sara last night, im talking bomb ass pussy right there!!"

Guy 2: "Dude, there is no WAY you hit that last night, that shit is unicorn pussy, you have no chance!!
by Hijo De Ricardo November 30, 2010
The most rare of all pussy. So perfect it is magical and will make you feel like your in love for no real reason. It is so unbelievable that when you tell your friends, they will think you are exaggerating and that it doesnt exist.
Friend One: "Dude, i slept with that girl last night. It was so good . absolutely perfect. Best sex of my life, i think I'm in love"

Friend Two: "It couldn't have been that good. Sounds like some real Unicorn Pussy to me"
by Taylor Koen May 31, 2016
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