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1. A rare mythological creature that is half unicorn and half cat.
2. A name to call a gay person that thinks hes cool.
1. "Yo, i saw pictures of that unicat when i was in the medival store getting my ping and sword"
2. "Felix is such a unicat, that gay little fucker"
by Regan Benner February 21, 2009
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n. - 1. a cat with a unicorn horn. 2. a cat with a unicorn horn and a long flowing mane.
The unicat over there with his horn stuck in the wall looks pretty pissed. From what I understand there was a feather wand incident.

Dude, that unicat hisses rainbows and creamsicle sunsets!
by hyperboledotzip January 12, 2011
A cat that has a characteristic of a unicorn.
The unicat flew over the bridge.
by Jaykay4132 April 13, 2014
Half cat, half unicorn. The most majestic animal in the whole animal kingdom.
The majestic unicat farted clouds of rainbows & glitter.
by meowlex April 30, 2014

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