A man and/or boy who gets their testicle knocked out usually by a girl. So the person only has one testicle.
John Ed got his left nut knocked out by Anniela during Lunch, now he takes the title as Uni-Baller.
by civic May 28, 2005
Top Definition
a legendary pimp who wanders the town at night pimpin you hos and leaves his mark by dippin his one and only testicle in a can of blue paint, swangin it up and slapping his victims with it. The paint can never be washed off.
damn the uniballer pimped jaimes mom last night!
by S-Sizzle March 24, 2006
person with only one testicle i.e: josh scanlon
anyone: sup uniballer!
josh scanlon; :(
by MaverickDaNubRippinBaddie February 24, 2008
A disgruntled man that has one testicle and somehow bangs dirty goth chicks. Can also be a ball point pen maker.
Goddamn that uni-baller got two girls now when hes only got one nad?
by Bennie December 08, 2004
Any man who overcompensates for missing a ball (testicle) by being excessively aggressive, critical, masculine or pompous. a.k.a. Juan Bahler.
"Say, Dad, If winning isn't everything, then why does Brian J. Kelly always insist on keeping score?"

"Because he stands a mere 5 feet 8 inches tall and is a bonafide Uni-Baller, that's why. ...'boy's only got one ball."

"Bet crowded elevators probably smell different to midgets too, huh Dad?"
by Rural_Dictionary November 22, 2011
"brian earp"

talk to him on roadkill0066...hes an interesting guy with one testicle
Brian is the most amazing uniballer i know
by brian earp February 22, 2004
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