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Someone who goes to university turns into a 'Uni-Fag'. A 'Uni-fag' will typically post constantly on facebook and twitter about how great it is and show as many pictures of himself demonstrating how great a time he is having as well as making things up as he goes a long.
Jimmy said: 'Connor went to University the other day, now all he does is tell everyone about how great it is.'

Alex replied: 'Well thats a Uni Fag for ya!'
by dwhite1024 September 26, 2012
A type of homosexual (gaybo or dyke) that is commonly found in universities.

Often politically active, wears lots of badges on their jacket and shirts.

Looks similar to both the EMO and the HIPPY.
"Why have you cut you hair short like a boy, Mary?"

"im not a dyke, just a political emo".

"No, your a Unifag!"
by BUSHYoooooooooo April 04, 2008
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