Local band around Winona, MN. Lead singer/guitarist Travis Ungs started the band, therefore the band name.
Did you go see Ungs last night? Sexy dude.
by tungsfanclub September 21, 2010
Top Definition
a term created by the mk ung group, meaning complete randomness and joy.
meru: "so.. how are you today?"
yamapi: "UNGGG!!!"
meru: O_o
by epic :D February 23, 2009
v. a term which is derived from the pc game 'pacman', used to describe dissatisfaction or boredom.
ung, irc is boring right now.
by coggy May 26, 2006
The sound a man makes when he has sex. Preferably, some girls don't like Ungers.
"Ung ung ung! Oh yeah bitch take it!"
by UNGUNGUNGER July 08, 2009
scandinavian term of endearment for a young same-sex lover
eric my ung, we shall never be apart
by saq December 05, 2002
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