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A word used to describe an action that is not achievable at the time. Usually at a drunk stage when it seems like you can do something and are sure you can; so sure that there is no way you could mess it up. Usually used when drunk off Iced Tea and Ginger Ale or lemanade. (This could be used as a verb only when drunk; Sober it just doesnt make sense and just proves you are a stupid piece of shit of a person, not funny at all) Using this word out of context could bring mean you need a to get a new life.
Sober friend "Dude give me ur keys, u cant drive tonight, ur going to fuck us up."

Drunk Friend "Nah man, i aint drunk. i could still drive this shit all the way back to campus. i got this, its unfuckable-uhcable.(burp)"

Cop "Your under arrest. Driving drunk was be fuckable-uhcable of you. You guys are fuckin stupid."

Boy A "Are u goin to try to make water while your drunk, u shouldnt do that"
Boy B "Hells yea dude, its not that hard, its like unfuckable-uhcable-uhcable."
by Franky JSkinny siete tres cinc October 03, 2009
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