Greatest wwe Wreslter of all time Now 13-0 after beating Randy orton at Wresltemania21 on sunday april,3,2005. The Deadman has never lost at Wresltemanina and will never.
Undertaker TombStoned Randy orton and pinned him 1,2,3 Rip Randy orton LOL.
by Ratt April 05, 2005
one bad-ass wrestler from the wwe(World Wrestling Entertainment)
Woah! Did you just see undertaker chokeslam that bitch!
by Tommy June 20, 2004
The Deadman, The Undertaker. The greates wrestler of all time who has a superb Wrestlemania recored 12-0. And at Wrestlemania 21 Undertaker WILL best Randy Orton
Undertaker:Men have come to Wrestlemania, and tried to make make a name for themselves at the Undertakers expense. And Randy Orton has one thing in common with all of them, he too will REST IN PEACE!.

At Wrestlemania the Legend Killer will be killed!
by Ben Geddes March 28, 2005
The act of placing ones arm under the crotch of a victim from behind, while grabbing their teat from over the shoulder and lifting up. The resulting effects should end with the victim gasping for air and somtimes even tearing up.
Derek gave Ryan an amazing undertaker after being scooped repetedly.
by toadi January 07, 2009
one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, first started off under the alias of MEAN MARK, became a unstopable force with the wwe, one of the first to be in some of the best matches, including the Hell in a cell, boiler room brawl, and the legendary casket and buried alive matches, formrly manged by his tv father "paul bearer", he has been wwe champion, tag team champion, with his brother Kane in the tag team of DEADMAN INC. and hardkore champion, however today he is being useda as a foot hold for upcoming superstars to make there name in show business, recent opponents have been Brock Lesner, heidenrich and now its going to be Randy Orton, these matches have been some of his worst, they are wasteing his talent.
The Ring is his yard
by Hoggie April 01, 2005
a great wresteler or a person who likes dead people
deadman walking undertakers sign or pass me the coffin i wanna put a ead person in it
by dice22 August 23, 2003
Someone who is forced to embalm the dead for a living due to their poor marks. An Undertaker is the second job next to a surgeon or doctor.
Friend-What do you want to study in college?
Other Friend-Well I think I want to do medicine
Friend- Medicine, your marks are shit! you should be an Undertaker!
by Larry, PN January 25, 2011

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