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The act of having to go down to the local Gas Station to take a dump and shower in the sink.
"Hey man, my water got shut off so I had to pull an Uncle Steve and go to BP."
by Randy Gato Junior December 28, 2011
That stupid uncle you have that goes around playing poker in Vegas blowing his money than going fishing with the little bit he has left.
You: Uncle Steve can we go....
Uncle Steve: no
by RetardHunter June 15, 2015
That time of the month for a woman, girl and effeminate males.
Instead of "Aunt Flo" coming to visit, it's "uncle steve".
by Mrs. Miller79 September 27, 2011
A complete tool; someone who lacks respect from anyone, and talks a big game and it just makes them sound more retarded.
Hey Matt, lets saran wrap that that dude's desk. He'll try to play it off like he did for some dumb ass reason. hes such an uncle steve.
by Roncast Special May 17, 2009

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