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Techno beat sound.
Let's go smoke some reefer!
Unce unce unce unce!
by sean h. April 30, 2003
The written form of the sound heard in most club music. This word describes a heavy bass tone (un) then a cymbal strike (ce.) Try saying it yourself, pronouncing the un as deep as possible. It sounds a lot like a club beat!
Unce Unce Unce Unce Unce Unce Unce, that's all I ever hear when I go by that building! Most be a club.
by Frank Hughes December 11, 2003
Club music, techno, the basic sound you hear when we feel like dancing.
"Yeah, nothing's better than a bunch of sweaty men humping each other with music going 'unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce'.....


Aww, why'd you stop?"
Can be related to anything sexual such as; sex, masturbation, anal.
I'm away for an Unce


Pfft, i'd like tae gee her an Unce.
by ereheis March 06, 2012
1. An exclamation of cheeriness, victory, or overall happiness. When using this meaning, you must yell it and move your head back and forth in a pigeon-like manner.

2. Implying that you wish to have sex with the person your 'unce' is directed at. Often, drool is also released from the mouth while saying it with this meaning.

3. Butt
Teacher: Here are your papers everyone, Joe, good job!
Joe: YES! Unce unce unce unce -walks around in circles, bobbing head back and forth-
Teacher: . . .

Joe: Man, I am so happy that I aced that essay----
Sue: -whips hair around-
Joe: Unce! -drools-
Sue: GASP -slaps Joe-

Joe: Oww. My cheek...
Bob: Sue again?
Joe: Yeah...but she has such a hot unce!
Bob: -nods-
by Sipping Juice February 04, 2009
The exclamation of sexual pleasure derived from everyday, non-sexual events. And sex. What? With me?
1) Claire: What did you get on your math test?
Taylor: A hundred percent, yo.
Claire: UNCE! All over that shiiiit.

2) Claire: Look at that hot piece of booty.
Taylor: Unce-a-lunce.
by Taystee Taystee September 21, 2007
exclamation of success
me:"yo momma so fat she has her own zip code"
me:"unce unce unce"
by bunit November 01, 2003