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A girl who is not attractive, or does not feel attractive, who constantly has to reaffirm her sex appeal or attractiveness by objectifying herself, whether that be performing, or speaking about sexual acts, dressing very provocatively, flashing etc. Then by gaining male sexual attention she reaffirms her attractiveness, or 'sexiness', and temporarily feels desired.

She may also engage in sexual discussions or competitions with her female 'friends', where they compete to see who is found more 'desirable' by who has had more sexual encounters etc
EX 1.

random guy: want to do it?

Unattractive girl: sure, just say you love me while we do it

EX 2.
selina: i just had DP while riding a mechanical bull, and 50 guys watched

kathleen: well i just gave 15 bjs in under 10 minutes, beat that bitch!

^Unattractive girl syndrome
by modernpsychologist September 15, 2010