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That caterpillar like thing above Jonnys eyes.
Wow Jonnys una brow is looking bushy today!
by Comie November 18, 2003
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dirty 16 yr old hu lyks 2 pretend he is a lesbian and also has a uni brow, lamb chop sidies, an afro and a porn star tash. he also gets pubes stuck behind his foreskin and likes 2 hump trees.
his una brow
by chris mcquire October 18, 2004
Having two or more eye brows on the face of Mike "dill strap"

Mooler be connected to make one eye brow on the face of Mike

"The Dill Strap" Mooler.
Here is an example of how to use the word:

Why Mike "The Dill strap" Mooler, your unabrow is looking mighty spiffy today.

So noob may mistake this word for "Unibrow", but they are

gay and don't listen to them. The word was made up by the

smartest person alive!
#moo #brow #one #spiffy #dillstrap
by Mike Mooler's Mom January 22, 2008
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