An umbrella can be used in many ways.
1.Rihanna's sexy hi-hat-rhythmic song; "You can stand under my umbrella,ella,ella,eh,eh,eh!"
2. A useful tool thatthe bald} Britney Spears uses. She can be found smashing the windows of a car.
3. An even more useful tool used to block the white rains of a man's penis; a
Alicia-I love Rihanna's song Umbrella, I've screwed my boyfriend to it TWICE.
Britney's gone mad...smashing cars with umbrellas,ellas,ellas,eh,eh,eh!
Wizisika-You'd better have bought some extra-protection umbrellas,you rude boy, cuz I'll give it to you hard tonight!
by penusboobsjizzvagina January 20, 2011
What you do after snorting a line. Involves pulling up the side of your nose flap that you snorted the line through and sniffing real hard to get everything you just snorted in your system better.
"just sniffed a tab."
"Don't forget the umbrella."
"Oh yeah i forgot."
by pill pro May 16, 2010
A form of pleasuring a female, where one inserts their entire forearm into a woman's vaginal passage, and expands their hand fully when inside, resembling an umbrella.
"Yo Pete, how'd things go with Carolyn last night?

"Pretty good bro, she was diggin everything until I gave her an umbrella."
by Ryan_Leaf May 26, 2012
where someones head of their dick is way bigger than the rest of their cock
dude, D flore got an umbrella
by jesse jackson April 11, 2003
A slang term for a condom; A rubber.
You need to double your umbrella when you mess around with the chicks at Naked City.
by Jose Dirt August 13, 2008
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