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Umarah ---- gorgeous & stunning from the inside n' outside. Loyal to those who she loves!

They wil luv looking after themselves especialy their skin!! Very sympathetic n' caring when it comes to friends n' family, Umarah will do anything for them!!

Great sense of humor fun to be around very truthful n' sincere to those who are dear.

Can be bitchy and stubborn

Dont give many people a chance and hardly trust people ever!!!!!!!
Dude, you berra not mess with her, she will rip you apart, she's deffo a fucking Umarah!
#stunning #beautiful #amazing #fun #loyal
by PinkyPromise1234 April 28, 2011
A unique Bangla name from Bangladesh. Female, generally. Pronounced "Ooh-mar-ah." Not "You-mar-uh".

Also? For a vague persona type, Umarahs are usually friendly, chatty people but who can bitch as much as they want to without thinking of consequences. Seeing as they are Bangla, Umarahs generally make good friends with both guys and gals but are not sluts.
A: Knock-knock
B: Who's there?
A: Umarah!
B: Umarah who?
A: Exactly! You don't know any Umarahs - you're white!


A: So I was talking with Umarah yesterday, and she said that Lauren is soo secretly going out with Nick.
B: I know, right? But she and Jack never shut up. Seriously.
#umrah #umry #cashier #abby #um
by Pseudosyne November 23, 2010
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