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A nine foot tall, emotionally disturbed, bald, chinless ape with an unusually small nipple looking penis, usually found in the ghettos of oklahoma city. Dispite of its enviroment it acts and lives like it is a rich prep. It has one front tooth that allows him to climb trees buildings and other structures. The never moving line of plaque gives him a large source of energy, if it is ever removed it will surely die a slow painful death. Often attracted to obese, manly, caucasian women (fat wigga bitches). It attempts to attract mates (fat wigga bitches) by telling an emence amount of lies (bullshitting). Usually screws up other males mating rituals (cockblock/gamekiller) just for the hell of it (jealousy). Women often mistake it for a homosexual. Backstabbin poor ass, dark ass, ashey ass, bitch ass nigga.
We gotta watch eachothers backs for that Ulyses, it can smell when you got more game than he does.
by Dean Long Johnson November 20, 2006

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