1. My man from the west side.
2. A wicked smart motherfucker.
3. A wire head stuck in a Redmond job.
1. Did you see ultralord today? Poor bastard works with a bunch of motherfuckers that wear their sunglasses indoors.
2. Citrix?!? HA!
by jovato May 21, 2003
Top Definition
He's an amazing superhero, action figure (NOT a doll; an ACTION FIGURE), and TV star, and I want to be just like him! Oh, and did I mention, HE'S NOT A DOLL, HE'S AN ACTION FIGURE!
Action figure, not doll. Get it right.
by Sheen Juarerra Estevez May 17, 2004
The toy action figure that Sheen from Jimmy Neutron always plays with/worships.
Sheen is rarely spotted without his ultralord t-shirt.
by Yrtnej January 30, 2010
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