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1. Someone who has surpassed the normal realm of gay (or lameness) and is now attempting to capitalize on the gay industry.

2. Anyone who rerolls in World of Warcraft as a Blood Elf.
Guy 1: Man, paladins are so gay they make my balls hurt.

Gay 2: Try a Blood Elf paladin, now thats ultra-gay.
by Sanrin/Fhenrir October 11, 2007
A man of a level of gayness not seen often. Of a higher level than a supergay or a hypergay.
So epically gay that you'd need the Killer Instinct announcer to scream out the word.

An ultragay is someone who typically wears skinny clothing, dyes his (long) hair and uses hair product for about an hour before he is ready. Aside from that, he will most likely shave any facial hair he spots, and occasionally wears (usually red) nail polish. He is also incredibly sensitive, physically as well as emotionally, and has a high-pitched voice to match.
''Did you see that guy? He looked like a pink wooden plank with a wig''. *Notices ultragay behind him, who starts crying and runs away, arms flailing*. ''Yup, we got ourselves an ultragay.''
by WhiteWarlock June 25, 2013
Pretty self-explanatory, but basically, it's when a gay person is much gayer than all of his gay friends.
I am only a little gay compared to my ultragay friend, Mike.
by imnotactuallya_homo1 January 14, 2012
1.the highest level of homosexuality that one can achieve. hospital terminology one who wears bright white sneakers with dark blue or black scrubs.
3. A man who drives an ambiguously gay car with a straight face.
Your so ultra- gay when you heard it was raining cocks you left your umbrella at home
by Doug W. February 12, 2008
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