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The pimp of all pimps. a pimp that works for personal gain instead of money. Usually the one person in the group of friends that is the most persuasive, can get anyone to go out with him without even trying. Always has something to do, even when it's just nothing, he can make it seem important.
Situation A:
Sal: Should I buy it?
person1: heres some money, buy it now. I just wont eat dinner.

Situation B:
Person1: I need to study for finals...
Sal: I'm going to see a movie.
person1: ok, I'll go with you.
person2: I'll drive.
person2: with what? yur bike?
person1: yes...
Sal: its ok, I'll fly. I persuaded the laws of gravity to not apply to me. i can do that because I'm ultra pimp
person3: yup, Sal is Ultra pimp.
by Manuel Aka: The Spy August 08, 2006
See "dargrak".
Because that man has such hugely large genitals, he must be an ultra-pimp.
by Dargrak November 17, 2003
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