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When a Martial Arts instructor attempts to demonstrate a technique, skill or breaking demonstration to their students and fails in a very obvious and embarrasing manner usually resulting in akward silence and lowered credibility for the instructor and the school.
Master Dennis attempted to break 6 bricks last night in class and totally failed! Even after 4 attempts he couldn't get through them all. It was a joke, what a phony. He even had the nerve to say afterward that he has never missed a break. Bet he won't do that again in front of everyone. That Fat Pussy. Thought we were supposed to be learing Ultimate Taekowndo, more like Ultimate Taekwondon't.

Example 2, Saw a great Ultimate Taekwondon't at practice tonight. Mikey tried to show us how to do that spin kick on the heavy bags and fell right on his fucking ass. That lazy fuck has no business wearing a uniform let alone a 4th degree black belt! That fat fuck!
by The Original Karate Kid February 28, 2011

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