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A complex sport only to be entered by the greatest males, as part of the beer olympics. Javelinists beging the routine by sourcing a broom of between 1 and 1.5 metres in length. Then javelinists strike the brush end of the broom onto the ground three times, before completing an imminent 540 degree turn and finally unleashing the javelin whilst holding a beer in the javelinist's non-dominant hand. Any spillage of beer is viewed as bulk disrespect to the beer God - and thus the javelinist is disqualified. Otherwise the broom that attains the greatest horizontal trajectory is declared the winner.
Last night, my mate Bails thought he had set a new World Record (WR) in Ultimate Beer Javelin, but because he spilt part of his beer he was disqualified and I was crowned the Ultimate Beer Javelin Champion.
by Straya_Slang January 21, 2012
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