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–adjective, huge·wall

Ujjwal is best accepted to be a flattering compliment given to an individual who displays a superhuman ability to excel at physical activities, particularly foosball.

It is also used in situations where someone is able to overcome the ignorant and petty behaviors of others by virtue of a metaphorical wall keeping out hate.
Joe: "Man, this guy is impossible to score against!"

Shane: "Just give up, he's a Ujjwal."

Shawn: "I'm so high, I thought I just saw Jesus. Oh wait, Jesus isn't real."

Nick: "You're such a douche bag! You're lucky Jesus was a Ujjwal and can forgive and forget comments from people like you!"
by Gee Ais Pai January 17, 2011
To become addicted to Cottaging and Steamrolling.

"Uh oh, I think you're ujjwaled!"
by Unsubscribe September 11, 2007