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it is the collective term used for the understanding of wisdom through the words and experiences of others. Ujabuja, though brought about by the understanding of another’s words / thoughts / experiences, is a very personal thing…It is the individuals understanding which makes each persons ujabuja unique and distinctive. Ujabuja is defined through ones interpretation of the wisdom which has come their way, whether it was wisdom offered to him or wisdom sought after…whether it came about in an instant second / by pure coincidence, or as a result of years of hardship and struggle.
Everyone has ujabuja, some more than others…but the beauty of it is that your Ujabuja…is only yours.
by s1000k July 29, 2010
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Ujabuja - noun - It can be anything that is a noun.
A: How's your Ujabuja?
B: Mine's fine, how about your Ujabuja?
A: I attacked it today. It got on my nerves.
by TJH121 July 14, 2010
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