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|'Owr "Shno͞os ler| NOUN (pl. -s) informal

a man prone to pretentious or affected display, esp. when such display reveals feminine tendencies

• archaic: a man drinking any cocktail composed of several fruit juices and containing no alcohol

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch

Timothy: "I spent all weekend yachting on my yacht, which was fabulous, but the sea air really ruins my complexion. That's why I always get an algo seaweed facial afterwards."

Brad: "Tim, you're a fucking Uhrschnösler."


Bartender: What'll it be, guys?

Brian: I'll have a beer.

Brad: One for me, too.

Timothy: "Ummm, I think I'll go with the virgin White Strawberry Margarita. Oh wait! The Coconut Kiss sounds yummy!"

Brad: "Tim, you're a fucking Uhrschnösler."
by Uni Frankfurt May 15, 2010
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